Currently In Progress


 Bird Lane Park refurbishment to be coordinated for the Parish Council by Hensall Community Garden project, a group of local volunteers.  If interested in joining the project please email Imogen Bellerby at


Parish Field to be cleared following repossession back to us

Site visit to Bird Lane Play Area to assess possibility of refurb

Possible purchase of new Christmas Tree on Corner of Dovecote Gardens/Main Street

2023 Current Projects

2023 - Completed

Defibrillator battery purchased and replaced

Lock on defibrillator door repaired

Flood banking gates purchased and erected

Purchase of 12 mounting brackets for existing christmas lights motifs to make safer when fitted to lamposts

Dog bag dispenser purchased and erected on Gowdall Lane

Cricket club netting replaced where necessary

No animal sign put on Station Road Play Area (following an incident where 2 horses were led onto the play area)

Fencing purchased and erected to repair damaged fencing in corner of Station Road Play Area

Sponsorship by residents of new Christmas Lights Motifs to add to existing Christmas motifs