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Councillor Profiles

 Cllr Gary Mason -

My wife, Julie, and I moved to Hensall in 1993. Julie is originally from York and I am from South Elmsall. We wanted to be a    little closer to York and discovered Hensall by chance. We came to look at a house that was for sale and although we did not buy that house we sarted to feel very comfortable in the village. I cannot explain it but we wanted to live here. We have three children who attended Hensall Primary School - The Snaith School - Pontefract College - then university. I have always been interested in village life and want to contribute in what ever way I can (work permitting). For the last 33 years I have been in business with my brother and continue to be so. But I will try my best to represent everyone in the village and help with their concerns.






 Cllr Neil Reeson -

I came to Hensall when I was seven months old. That's when my parents bought the milk round and moved in to a house on Wand Lane, then later into Holly Dene on Station Road. They worked the milk round between them. Some of the older folk still remember m being in the carry cot in the back of the van. That was nearly 50 years ago. I went to school in the village and then, when I was 18, took over my mothers round. I've been involved with the dairy ever since. -and on my own since my dad retired. I've always liked Hensall. I like living in the village and I like being on the parish council because I like doing things for the village. I'm not keen on committees, and I don't want to be doing things for other areas, but I'm always ready to put grit on the path in Hensall, put flowers in the planters or see to the street lights being mended because I want Hensall to be a nice place to live. I'm also out delivering at night, so carrying the phone for the council means I can report anything supicious as soon as I see it. There's a lot of things going on in the village and I just want to help in any way I can. 




Cllr Bob Tams,

My wife and I were born and married in Pontefract; we moved to Kellington and then to Hensall in 1986. My boy attended Hensall Primary School, The Snaith School, New College, Pontefract and university. Having recently retired from Kimberly Clark, I find myself living in a very changing village and I would like to help keep it safe and friendly a place where people are proud to live. 












 Cllr Carolyn Ainsworth

I was born in Morley, Leeds and spent most of my life in West Yorkshire before moving to Hensall in June 2014 to be near my family and children who live nearby. I am a retired teacher and worked in primary schools in Leeds and Wakefield. I have also been involved with several charities including Wakefield Hospice and Marie Curie. Hensall is a lovely village with a caring community. I wanted to make a positive contribution as a resident which is why I became a Parish Councillor







 Cllr Angela Mckenna -

I came to live in Hensall in July 2011. It was meant to be a seven month temporary stay, but that's a long story. So anyway 11 years later, we have bought the house we originally were renting and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I felt at home in Hensall straight away. I have wonderful neighbours and friends. I wanted to join the council, after attending the meetings as a member of the public for a few years, so I can help make the village a lovely place to live if I could.  There was a vacancy in May 2022 so I applied and was lucky enough to join. I have 2 grown up children, one lives quite close in Whitley and the other lives in Wakefield and I have 3 gorgeous grandchildren. I am happy and proud to be one of your parish councillors.






Cllr Andrea Brennan.


As a family we have lived in Hensall since 1997, our two children attended Hensall Primary School and The Snaith School.

Hensall is a lovely village to live, we are fortunate to have amenities such as the cricket and football field, also two playgrounds providing safe green spaces for all.

As a councillor I will always focus on matters that will maintain and improve village life for its residents.

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